Shannon Crawley murdered her lover’s fiancé Denita Monique Smith – Hear No Evil

Shannon Crawley’s jealousy led her to murder Denita Monique Smith in cold blood, Hear No Evil examines this case of passion turning deadly.

Jan. 4, 2007, in Durham and North Carolina Central University student Denita Monique Smith was leaving her apartment when she was shot in the back of the head, her body was found in the stairwell by the complex’s maintenance man.

Detectives investigating the murder received a tip that single mother Shannon Crawley might be a person of interest. It turned out that Smith’s fiancé, Greensboro police officer Jermeir Stroud, had been seeing another woman at the same time as Smith. That woman was Crawley and she’d been involved in a passionate affair with Stroud after the pair met through work.

Denita Monique Smith family photo
Denita Smith was murdered by Shannon Crawley

After the shooting Stroud tipped off detectives that Crawley might be involved and she was arrested five days later.

At her trial in 2010 Smith claimed that Stroud was the one behind the murder and that he’d framed her. Her defense also claimed that police failed to investigate Stroud at all and never even regarded him as a suspect.

However, the jury was not convinced and Crawley was convicted of first-degree murder. The 28-year-old former 911 dispatcher was given a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Hear No Evil – Sex, Lies and Audiotape airs at 3:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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4 years ago

The police set this woman up. They wouldn’t have had her personally auto-tape the conversations with her ex-boyfriend causing the uncertainty of who was on the other line. In a GOOD, investigation, the police would have wired this woman and then, there would have been no question on who was on the other line in the incriminating audios. A miscarriage of justice!

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