Shane Pryor escape update: Suspected teenage killer still on the run after fleeing Philadelphia hospital

Mugshot of Shane Pryor
Shane Pryor is suspected of shooting dead a woman in 2020. Pic credit: Philadelphia Police Dept

The authorities in Philadelphia are engaged in a manhunt for an escaped suspect accused of homicide. Teenager Shane Pryor slipped away from guards during a visit to a hospital in the University City section of the city.

The 17-year-old Pryor is awaiting trial for allegedly shooting a woman in an alleyway in the Holmesburg neighborhood of the city in October 2020.

The suspected killer was only 14 at the time of the murder, but it was recently decided to try him as an adult due to the severity of the crime.

Yesterday afternoon, Pryor was taken from a juvenile facility to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia after he suffered a hand injury. He reportedly fled from a vehicle in the emergency room parking lot.

The escaped suspect ran on foot from staff and was later spotted on surveillance footage entering and exiting various buildings in the area.

The escapee was also seen speaking to people and asking to use a phone as he plotted his escape.

Escaped prisoner Shane Pryor to be ‘considered dangerous’ says Philadelphia police

Deputy Commissioner of Investigations Frank Vanore led a press conference on Wednesday evening when he admitted Pryor is “considered dangerous.” The cops ask that if members of the public spot Pryor, they should not approach him but immediately call 911.

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It’s believed that Pryor has now left the hospital area. The authorities have not called for a lockdown of any regions.

surveillance footage of Pryor as he makes his escape
The PPD released this surveillance footage of Pryor as he made his escape. Pic credit: Philadelphia Police Dept

Pryor is described as a Black male with a pale complexion. He is 5’7″ tall and weighs 180 pounds. He was wearing a blue sweatsuit and sandal-type footwear with socks.

Last night, the US Marshal Service got involved in the hunt and suggested Pryor may have acquired a blue Ford F-150 pickup truck with a PA Tag reading ZTS-0503.

Pryor’s mother appealed to her son to turn himself in, “Just turn yourself in so it don’t get any worse than it has to be… mommy is fighting for you, I’ll always be fighting for you.”

Lawyer for escaped Philadephia prisoner Shane Pryor says he needs to turn himself in and fight murder case

The escapee’s defense attorney, Paul DiMaio, said Pryor has always maintained his innocence and, “He may have felt he wasn’t going to get a fair shake.”

The lawyer added, “He needs to turn himself in, and he needs to do whatever we need to do to fight this case.”

The Philadelphia PD has asked anyone who spots Pryor to dial 911, but tips can also be made at 1-877-WANTED-2.

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