Shane Langley murdered mother-in-law Vennie Oliveaux after abusing wife Christine Oliveaux for years: ID investigates

Police tape

Obsession: Dark Desires on ID is investigating a terrifying case of domestic abuse and murder from Ouachita Parish in Louisiana that involved the death of Vennie Oliveaux at the hands of Shane Langley.

On May 24, 1998, Langley showed up at the home of 54-year-old Vennie Langley armed with a rifle and intent on committing violence against Vennie and her daughter Christine Oliveaux, his estranged wife.

Christine had married Langley when she was very young, and the pair had four children. She later recounted how Langley’s abusive behavior had started immediately.

Langley didn’t allow his young wife to have any contact with her friends or family unless he gave implicit permission. He also subjected her and the children to physical, sexual, and mental abuse for 14 long horrifying years.

Christine eventually plucked up the courage to escape his clutches with their children, and she took them all to her mother’s house.

Unfortunately, Langley’s twisted obsession didn’t end there. He constantly hounded and threatened Christine and her mother, Vennie. He even physically attacked his estranged wife on more than one occasion.

Christine filed multiple police reports and protective orders, but Langley didn’t seem to care. He was arrested on several occasions, but he always seemed to post bail easily.

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One night in May 1998, he cut the phone lines to the house where Christine, Vennie, and the children were staying. And after arming himself with a rifle, he attacked the home.

Shane Langley shot Vennie and Christine Oliveaux

Langley shot Christine twice in the back, and he shot Vennie once in the back. He then held three of the four children hostage in a stand-off with the cops.

Sadly, Vennie succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

The police finally collared Langley, and he was flung in jail for the rest of his life after being convicted of murder.

Thankfully, Christine has been able to get her life back on track. She attended college and achieved a degree and worked for a sheriff’s department.

She has since spoken publicly about her ordeal and has worked as a volunteer at the Safe Haven Shelter For Battered Women. She is also an advocate for the Ouachita Parish Family Justice Center.

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T Bourque
T Bourque
3 years ago

GOD bless the ones left behind. Shane GOD’s will be done!

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