Sexual predators Mark and Scott Blankenburg feature with teen killers David and Michael Same on Evil Twins

This episode of Evil Twins spotlights the crimes of two sets of twins, pediatricians Mark and Scott Blankenburg and 17-year-olds David and Michael Same.

The Blankenburgs were working as pediatricians based in Hamilton, Ohio, when they were investigated on various charges related to child abuse. These included 22 charges of being in possession of child pornography, abusing various patients in their care and then bribing the patients to keep quiet.

In 2009, both brothers were charged and after a lengthy trial Mark Blankenburg, 54, was found guilty of numerous crimes and sentenced to between 21 to 27 years in prison. A few months later his brother Scott made a plea deal and was given a 13 year sentence.

David Same mugshot
David Same committed a murder as a teen but was made eligible for parole after 34 years

David and Michael Same were only 17-years-old in 1981 when they got high and decided to rob another teenager to get drugs and cash. They ended up choking 18-year-old Robert Sello and then beating him to death with a hammer. Michael pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was released from prison in 2009, but his brother David went to trial and was given life with no possibility of parole.

However, in 2016 a court ruled that David should be given a shot at parole – this stems from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that life terms for juvinilles are a cruel and unusual punishment. The move was supported by Sello’s surviving half-sister who said she’d like to see David have the opportunity to become a better person.

Evil Twins – Do No Harm airs at 9:00 AM on Investigation Discovery.

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