Serial killer who fed prostitutes to pigs: Robert Pickton’s vile crimes revisited in Horror on the Homestead

The sickening crimes of Robert Pickton — a multi-millionaire farmer turned serial killer who would feed his victims to pigs — are revisited tonight on Investigation Discovery’s Horror on the Homestead.

Pickton was convicted of the second-degree murder of six women but reportedly confessed to a total of 49 while speaking to an undercover agent.

He allegedly wanted to kill 50 so his victim count was a nice round number.

Pickton carried out his horrific attacks over the course of several years starting in 1997.

He was originally a pig farmer, but later turned his homestead in Port Coquitlam, near Vancouver, Canada, into a venue for dances and concerts through a non-profit charity called the Piggy Palace Good Times Society.

An altercation at one of the events led to him being charged with the attempted murder of prostitute Wendy Lynn Eistetter.

She managed to escape after grabbing his weapon and stabbing him with it.

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However, over the next few years he began to trawl the downtown streets of Vancouver preying mainly on prostitutes and drug addicts.

He would then drive them home to his farm, have sex with them, and murder them in sickening ways.

Some of these allegedly included injecting them with windshield washer fluid.

He would then get rid of their bodies by feeding them to pigs or at a meat-rendering plant.

Pickton, now 67, was sentenced in December 2007 to life in prison with a minimum of 25 years before he is eligible for parole.

Horror on the Homestead airs tonight at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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