Serial killer Dwayne Lee Harris aka The Seattle Jungle Killer investigated by Lt. Joe Kenda on ID

Mugshot of Dwayne Lee Harris
Dwayne Lee Harris was sentenced to 94 years in prison for murdering three women in 1997 and 1998. Pic credit: KIRO 7 News/YouTube

Lt. Kenda is in Seattle to examine the case of serial killer Dwayne Lee Harris, aka The Seattle Jungle Killer, aka Chilly Willy, who terrorized Seattle in the late 1990s.

Harris is known to have killed at least three women in the Seattle area between 1997 and 1998. He has warned that if he were released, he would kill again.

The three victims were killed in a stretch of overgrown land that was known to the homeless community as The Jungle. They were Denise Marie Harris, 42; Antoinette Jones, 34; and Olivia Smith, 27.

All three women were crack cocaine users who occasionally traded sex for drugs. Their bodies were discovered under two interstate freeways with their hands bound with shoelaces and a gag on their faces.

A breakthrough in the case didn’t come until Harris was arrested for an unrelated robbery charge. While in custody, he confessed to the three murders.

At the time, he told investigators that he got a “thrill from killings.” He also told the detectives that there would be more body bags if he was released. “I’m a killer,” he said.

However, a month later, he recanted his confessions for all but the Olivia Smith murder. I just snapped,” he said. “I cannot lie. I snapped. I did kill her. That’s the God’s truth. I don’t have to lie (about killing) Olivia Smith.”

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Dwayne Lee Harris was violent and abusive in court

At his trial, Harris was belligerent in the extreme, he continuously shouted obscenities at the judge, and he threw chairs and other objects about the courtroom. The bailiffs constantly had to restrain him, and he spent a lot of the trial chained to a wheelchair.

In January 1999, Harris was sentenced to spend 94 years in prison. He continued to abuse Judge Marsha Pechman verbally and told her that her family would not be safe even with his imprisonment.

Harris also said that the victims and their families would not get any justice because he would still be enjoying life and certain privileges from inside the prison walls.

As Harris was led away to begin his sentence, he continued to shout abuse and threats at the judge and the jury.

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