Serial killer and burglar Gary Evans is subject of To Catch a Killer

Gary Evans was a notorious burglar with a notion for antiques, he also turned out to be a serial killer – To Catch a Killer examines his crimes and how he was caught.

Aug. 14, 1998, and Evans was being taken from Rensselaer County jail to court in Albany, when he attempted what would be his final escape. Sitting in the back of the van, Evans managed to kick the window of the vehicle out and then climb out. He did this as the van was crossing the Hudson River over the Troy-Mendands bridge.

When the U.S. Marshalls surrounded him on the bridge, he decided to brave the 60 foot jump. Unfortunately for Evans, the water was only a foot deep and he died at the scene. His handcuffs were found to be undone and a key for them was found stuff up his nose, in addition to a razor blade taped to his foot. This brought an end to a infamous thief, prison breakout expert and serial killer.

Evans had been in and out of jail numerous times over the previous decade, mostly on charges related to burglaries and the theft of antiques. He’d led a gang of thieves who’d operated over a 13 year period in and around the New York area.

He’d become infamous for pulling off big thefts and for being adept at escaping from jail. However, police only began to suspect he was also a killer when one of his friend went missing at the same time Evans jumped parole.

When they finally caught up with him, Evans was living rough in a tent and he was arrested without a fight. In reality the detectives had little evidence that he was involved in the other murders, but 43-year-old Evans surprised them by confessing. This also came to a shock to many of his friend, who knew he was a thief, but also thought he was quite a gentle and caring man.

Evans’ victim included friends and fellow thieves, with 30-year-old Michael Falco being killed in 1985, 28-year-old Damien Cuomo murdered in 1989 and 39-year-old Timothy Rysedorph being his final victim in 1997.

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He also murdered two of the shop owners he was stealing from, with Douglas Berry, 63, killed in 1989 and Gregor Jouben, 36, murdered in 1991.

Evans also made sure he had the last word, by leaving a note for his lawyer that had to be opened upon his death.

It read: ”Stars surround me and peace and love are mine. They cannot be taken or touched. I win.”

To Catch a Killer – The Monkey on My Back airs at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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