Scientology’s ‘missing’ queen: Shelly Miscavige’s alleged disappearance | Vanity Fair Confidential

Documentary series Vanity Fair Confidential tonight looks at the mystery behind the alleged “disappearance” of the first lady of Scientology, Shelly Miscavige.

Shelly is the wife of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, but has not been seen in public since the summer of 2007. Two missing person’s cases were filed about her, but the LAPD closed the case after reportedly “making contact” with her — although it’s not known if they did so in person.

Tonight’s Vanity Fair Confidential, produced by Truly Original and Condé Nast Entertainment, includes interviews with those close to the story and the church. Former security chief at the Scientology International Base, Gary ‘Jackson’ Morehead, describes the environment inside it as “toxic”.

Shelly and David Miscavige photographs on Vanity Fair Confidential
Shelly and David Miscavige in photographs on Vanity Fair Confidential

Ron Miscavige, David Miscavige’s father — who was “disconnected” by his son after leaving the church — also talks about how the Scientology leader has not said anything in public or private about Shelly since she was last seen.

The episode looks at how Ron’s daughters and grandchildren are allegedly forbidden to have any contact with David. It’s also claimed nobody in the organization “dares” to ask what happened to her — and that the church has a “snitching” and “interrogation” culture.

Ron says: “If I were to say to one of my co-workers, ‘I wonder where Shelly is’ they would write what’s called  a ‘Knowledge Report’…they would say “why are you asking where Shelly is? That’s David’s wife. You have no business asking that.'”

She is the first lady of Scientology. She is the wife of the Church’s leader. She is Shelly Miscavige. After Shelly Miscavige disappears from public view, in 2007, the public and some of the Church’s former insiders want to know – what happened to Scientology’s vanished queen? Episode description for Vanity Fair Confidential: Scientology’s Vanished Queen

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