Schoolgirl Sierra Lamar was kidnapped and murdered by Antolin Garcia-Torres: See No Evil on ID

Family pic of Sierra LaMar
Sierra LaMar is presumed dead, but no remains have ever been found, and the search continues. Pic credit: FBI

This week on See No Evil, the team travels to California to investigate the disappearance in 2012 of schoolgirl Sierra LaMar who vanished one morning as she walked towards the school bus. Five years later, a jury convicted Antolin Garcia-Torres of her murder.

On March 16, 2012, 15-year-old Sierra LaMar left her home in Morgan Hill, California, to take the bus to high school. She never made it to the bus or school, and she has not been heard from ever since. No remains have ever been found, and she is presumed dead.

However, after two months of searching for Sierra without success, the police made an arrest. They suspected Garcia-Torres of abducting Sierra for sexual gratification and of then murdering the teen.

Sierra’s DNA was discovered in various spots of Garcia-Torres’s car, and a strand of her hair was found on a rope in his trunk. And when her pants were found abandoned in a field, his DNA was on them as well.

Garcia-Torres incriminated himself when officers told him they’d found his DNA on Sierra’s clothing. He said to them, “I like masturbating, so, ha, that’s it,” he further explained that he must have masturbated into a tissue before dropping it into the dirt from his car window. The police hadn’t even mentioned that the DNA found was from semen.

Antolin Garcia-Torres had previously attempted kidnapping

The police also implicated him in the attempted kidnapping of three women from a grocery store parking lot in 2009. His fingerprint was discovered on a battery from a stun gun dropped from one of his victims.

Prosecutors would later tell a jury that Garcia-Torres used these attempted kidnappings as a training ground for his abduction of Sierra. They also said he’d offend again if released.

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In June 2017, a jury in Santa Clara County Superior Court convicted Antolin Garcia-Torres of second-degree murder and sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors had pushed for the death penalty, but the lack of Sierra’s remains and murder weapon combined with no witness statements meant that the evidence was mostly circumstantial, this made the death penalty unlikely to be used in this case.

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Emi Nikolov
Emi Nikolov
3 years ago

Sir you have it wrong he got convicted for First Degree Murder for Sierra LaMar. He was eligible for the death penalty and at the sentencing phase the jury gave hm Life Without Parole. If it wasn’ for 1 juror he would have gotten death penalty

3 years ago

I am so sorry for the loss of sierra Lamar. Just watching the story on TV about her, What an angel to be taken too soon.

2 years ago

I couldn’t agree more; it’s truly a tragedy to learn of the horrible fate Mr. Garcia-Torture cursed her with. Sierra seemed like such a sweet innocent girl & was the same age as my son & daughter at the time. I can’t begin to fathom how I’d cope with such a loss without wanting revenge.

It just underscores the sad fact that psychopathic predators can be anywhere, no matter how good a community or neighborhood one lives in. I certainly hope Mr. G-T deservedly enjoys regular visits from Karma during his extended penal vacation from free & civil society.

Randy DeRo
Randy DeRo
2 years ago

He should have been executed. Anything else isn’t enough.

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