Scene of the Crime’s Tony Harris to host sold-out IDCon

Scene of the Crime host Tony Harris will headline Investigation Discovery’s sold-out IDCon in New York City on May 20, it was announced today.

The event will see amateur sleuths from all over the world convene with Investigation Discovery’s top reporters inside the Altman Building in New York.

Harris will introduce the enthusiastic crowds to his ID peers, with sneak peeks, interactive experiences and chances to talk to the stars of ID shows are all part of the festivities.

It comes as the network continues its run of success covering true crime.

Speaking at the last Television Critics Association winter press tour, ID president Henry Schleiff said: “There is no doubt actually, speaking of ID, that this is really an incredibly exciting time for true crime on television, but if you think about it, it really shouldn’t surprise any of us.

“If you look at the early charcoal carvings, if you will, on the walls of ancient caves, people have been telling these stories of high stakes life and death for thousands and thousands of years.

“During the past year, whether it was Steven Avery, O.J., JonBenet…we’ve seen that no matter how old these stories are, they continue to fascinate with their twists and turns. And although maybe the suspects aren’t a caveman, it is just human nature to always want to know who done it.”

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The Con reflects this interest. Some of the planned events for fans to take part in include the “Liar! Liar! Liar!” polygraph demonstration,  a “Be an Eyewitness” photo competition game plus the “Evidence Board” — to work on the cold case of deceased American FBI intern Chandra Levy.

This will be capped with a photo booth where Con attendees can “Become the Notorious Headline”, and interact with their favorite true-crime series.

The proceeds raised through ticket sales are donated to New York’s Silver Shield Foundation.

ID fans not able to be in The Big Apple can view the panels via the network’s Facebook Live streams, and follow the network’s social handles for more insight.

The IDCON panel includes:

  • “Missing from the Headlines” — with Tamron Hall, Chris Hansen, Maria Elena Salinas and Paula Zahn. Moderated by ID’s VP Sara Kozak, this panel explores what criteria are needed for a murder to make a TV show.
  • People Magazine’s crime reporters, including Alicia Dennis and crime writer Christine Peliseck moderated by the executive editor, Dan Wakeford. This panel reveals how People decides what stories to invest in.
  • “Notorious Headlines” — shows how criminals and cold cases like the Unabomber, O.J. Simpson, Chandra Levy, and Casey Anthony are dealt with on ID. Moderated by producer and reporter Steph Watts, this panel will feature FBI profiler Candice DeLong, legal analyst Beth Karas plus police sergeant Derrick Levasseur and forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie and showrunner Tim McConville.
  • “The Case That Keeps Me Up at Night” — with criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward, Rod Demery, Graham Hetrick, Joe Kenda and Garry McFadden.

IDCon takes place on May 20 at the Altman Building in NYC.

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