Sandy Miles was murdered by her teen daughter Tracie Miles: American Monster investigates

Tracie and Sandy Miles
Tracie Miles brutally murdered her mother, Sandy Miles, when she took her car keys away. Pic credit: Family photo

American Monster on ID examines a chilling case of matricide from Hutchinson City Kansas. Sandy Miles was murdered by her daughter, Tracie Miles, and her boyfriend Paul Nelson.

On the surface, Sandy and Tracie Miles appeared to have a loving mother and daughter relationship; however, it would later transpire that there were massive cracks under the surface.

The relationship became strained when 16-year-old Tracie began dating boys; Sandy always disapproved of her daughter’s choices when it came to boyfriends, and she particularly disliked the new one, Paul Nelson.

The more they argued, the closer Tracie felt to Nelson and the angrier she got with her mother. When Sandy took away Tracie’s car keys, she became so mad that she and Nelson hatched a plan to murder her.

While Tracie pretended to leave for school, Nelson hid in her bedroom and waited for Sandy. When Sandy came into the room, he repeatedly struck her in the head with a blunt object. Tracie then returned and began strangling her mother until she died.

Cops initially feared for the safety of Tracie Miles

When investigators discovered Sandy’s body several days later, they were initially concerned for the welfare of the teenage Tracie. However, they subsequently learned from friends of Nelson and Tracie that the young couple was attempting to flee to Mexico.

Tracie and Nelson had now become the number one suspects in the murder. A breakthrough came when Tracie telephoned a friend from El Paso. Local cops picked them up that night.

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When Hutchinson City cops flew down to Texas to interrogate the pair, they found Nelson ready to confess. Tracie, on the other hand, tried to get out of it by blaming everything on her boyfriend. She also accused Nelson of abusing her.

Tracie eventually buckled and confessed to strangling her mother. She reportedly giggled before saying in a matter of fact tone, “OK, I did it.”

In February 1999, they both pleaded guilty to murder and were given life sentences. They will be eligible for parole in 2023.

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I live here
I live here
3 years ago

Its Hutchinson, Kansas….not Hutchinson City. Maybe publish correct information about where the crime happened and the rest of your story might be believable?

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