Sandra Walton and Michael Humphreys murdered by James Martinez: The Devil Speaks examines the case

James Edward Martinez mugshot
Mugshot of James Edward Martinez who was convicted of the murders of Sandra Walton and Michael Humphreys. Pic credit: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Sandra Walton and her friend Michael Humphreys were shot dead in September 2000 outside her apartment complex in Forth Worth, Texas. They were killed by James Martinez who fired on them using a military-style rifle.

Martinez had briefly dated Walton and had lent her $1000 during their relationship, upon their breakup, Martinez demanded she return the money. She wrote him a promissory note, but friends say he continued to harass her.

Shortly before the shooting eyewitnesses claimed to have seen Martinez banging on Walton’s apartment door threatening to break it down. He allegedly told Walton that “her time was up”.

Walton and Humphreys then left to get some late-night fast food, when they returned Martinez opened fire killing them both, Walton was killed in her car and Humphreys fell approximately 10 feet away. Police found 27 empty cases nearby, Walton had been hit at least 9 times.

Police were put on the trail of Martinez very quickly by friends and relatives of Walton, they informed investigators of his constant harassment of her. Authorities then acting on info from friends of Martinez were able to trace a canvas bag found at a nearby ranch which contained the murder weapon and the clothes worn during the attack.

DNA testing linked the items with Martinez and he was arrested shortly afterward. Police found a storage bin rented by Martinez which contained 3,000 rounds of ammunition, bomb-making components, pistols, illegal knives, illegally modified firearms and books on killing techniques and body disposal.

Prosecutor Robert Foran said that Martinez had committed a calculated premeditated act, he also said that Martinez had an arsenal of weapons and was fascinated by death.

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Martinez was sentenced to death for the crime, he was executed by lethal injection in March 2007, a last-minute appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court.

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2 years ago

Executed March 2009. Please check your facta

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