Sandee Rozzo murdered by newlyweds Tracey and Ashley Humphrey: A Time To Kill investigates

Mugshots of Tracey and Ashley Humphrey
Ashley Humphrey (left) was persuaded by her new husband, Tracey Humphrey, to kill Sandee Rozzo. Pic credit: Florida Dept of Corrections

A Time To Kill is investigating the senseless murder of Florida bartender Sandra Lee “Sandee” Rozzo, who was gunned down on the driveway of her home in Pinellas Park in 2003.

On July 5, 2003, Sandee had just finished a shift at the Green Iguana bar when Ashley Christine Humphrey shot her eight times. It later transpired that Ashley had become a murderer at the behest of her new husband, Timothy Alvin “Tracey” Humphrey.

Tracey worked as a doorman at the same bar where Sandee served drinks, and the two had previously had a brief and tumultuous relationship. Tracey had been arrested for beating and sexually assaulting Sandee and was due in court to answer for those crimes a month after the murder.

The police later learned that Tracey decided to persuade his younger wife, Ashley, to kill Sandee. Ashley agreed to do it the day after they had married.

On Sandee’s death, the cops were instantly suspicious of Tracey, but he had a reasonably solid alibi. At the time Sandee was gunned down, he was receiving delivery of a pizza at his apartment in Brandon, FL.

However, cellphone records revealed that Tracey’s new wife, Ashley, had been in Pinellas Park at the time of the killing, so she was promptly taken into custody.

Ashley Humphrey admitted to shooting Sandee Rozzo

While in custody, Ashley confessed to the cops that she had pulled the trigger on Sandee, but she then turned on her new hubby by claiming Tracey had persuaded her to perform the murder.

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Ashley also explained that they had been planning her murder for some time and that this had not been the first attempt to kill Sandee.

Tracey was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. His wife had her charge reduced to second-degree murder.

At Tracey’s trial, Ashley told how she’d waited hours for Sandee’s shift to end before following her to her home in Pinellas Park, and firing eight shots into her.

Tracey denied any wrongdoing and claimed the murder was his wife’s idea; the jury didn’t believe him, and he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Ashley was sentenced to do 25 years in prison.

There was a final twist in 2017 when Ashley appeared on Piers Morgan’s TV show Killer Women she told the English host in an interview that the murder had been her idea all along.

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A Time To Kill airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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Laurence L. Smith
Laurence L. Smith
2 years ago

David Moffitt stupidly gambled that by killing his former girlfriend’s new boyfriend that he would get her back. Only in his early 30’s he now will spend about his next 45-50 years in prison, and the female that he hoped to win back wasn’t even in love that much with the current boyfriend that he shot and killed. My advice to guys is when a female leaves you let her go and the emotional pain will go away, as the relationship will never be the same as it once was. Immediately find other female company to get over being dumped, even if the temporary female is not that attractive or gifted, as she will at least get your mind off the one who dumped you.

2 years ago

Tracy is not only a UGLY person he is stupid.! And his dumb box wife is too.!

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