Firefighter Sam Dreher’s split with wife led to him being murdered by her boyfriend Michael Minor – Web of Lies

This episode of Web of Lies examines the murder of Sam Dreher by his estranged wife’s boyfriend Michael Minor.

Sam Dreher was a medic and firefighter with Charlotte County Fire and EMS, he had split up from his wife Danielle and had began dating someone else. Something that happens with many marriages, but in this case the breakup was to set off a series of events that led to the 39-year-old’s death.

In August 2012 he confronted a man trying to steal some items from his car, the pair argued with the man drawing a gun and demanding Dreher’s wallet. Dreher then fled into the building and ran upstairs, with the man firing four shots – two of which hit Dreher.

It turned out the man was Michael Minor who was dating Dreher’s estranged wife and had earlier broken into the home of Dreher’s current girlfriend to steal some items belonging to Danielle.

Minor was arrested without any struggle and told police he did not mean to kill Dreher and that he had fired in the heat of the moment. In 2014 29-year-old Minor made a no contest plea for the murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

43-year-old Danielle Dreher was also charged for being involved in the burglary and theft, with the pair having spied on Dreher and his girlfriend for weeks. She was found guilty and in 2015 was sentenced to three years in prison.

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Brenda Thompson
Brenda Thompson
2 years ago

I think it’s horrible what the boyfriend did & that someone had to die; but a little thing sticks out to me is the hypocrisy of the sister in saying it was alright for her brother to have a mistress but not ok for the wife. She sounds incredibly silly.

10 months ago

I know what you’re saying but his sister said she was messing around for four years he started seeing his girlfriend after they had split. They weren’t together anymore when he started seeing Diane but she was having an affair for four years

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