Robert Kowalski’s murder of girlfriend Sandra Perry was ruled an accident until he killed Lorraine Kay Morin the same way – Diabolical

Robert Kowalski got away with murder for over a decade until he killed another girlfriend the same way, Diabolical examines his crimes.

1996 in Yakutat, Alaska, and loved up couple Sandra Perry, 29, and Robert D. Kowalski, 34, were on a vacation. Whilst staying at the Glacier Bear Lodge the pair smoked marijuana and had a few drinks, but the night turned deadly when Kowalski claimed he heard a bear and grabbed the shotgun, tripping on the way to the door he shot Perry in the head, killing her.

At the time no charges were brought against Kowalski and he was freed to get on with his life. Fast-forward to 2008 in Montana and Kowalski shot another girlfriend, 45-year-old Lorraine Kay Morin, in the head and killed her. Again he told police it was an accident, but this time he was charged with murder.

In 2009 he pleaded guilty to the murder by way of Alford, meaning he did not admit guilt but acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict him. He was given a sentence of 50 years with 10 years suspended.

The similarities with Perry’s 1996 death did not go unnoticed and detectives decided to reopen the 1996 case. He was charged with Perry’s murder and in 2014 Kowalski, now 53, was given another 50 year prison sentence, with 10 years suspended.

Diabolical – Accident Waiting to Happen airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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