Rich MCDonald was murdered in a plot devised by his wife Anne and her lover Al Braunberger – Primal Instinct

Ann McDonald and her husband Rich lived the high life but their unhappy marriage eventually led to murder, Primal Instinct examines this case of lust and greed.

In 1991, Anne and her lover, Al Braunberger, decided they wanted Rich dead and they plotted his murder. They hired two men to carry out the killing and Anne conspired with them, leaving a door unlocked so they could gain access to the marital home in Kent Woodlands, Ca.

Rich was beaten with implements from the fireplace and then strangled to death.

Braunberger and Anne were both found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. One of the men they hired testified against them in exchange for immunity and the other man was found guilty of being an accessory and given a two-year sentence.

In 2013 Anne died in prison of natural causes, she was aged 79.

Primal Instinct: From Diamonds to Death airs at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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This is a great show!

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