Reynerio Alonso Rivero was a homeless drifter who murdered Good Samaritan Elizabeth Palomino

Mugshot of Reineiro Alonso Rivero
Reyneiro Alonso Rivero pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and received a life sentence. Pic credit: Miami Police Dept.

Fatal Florida looks at the case of Reynerio Alonso Rivero, a homeless drifter who repaid the kindness of Percy and Elizabeth Palomino by murdering Elizabeth while trying to rob their home in Miami in 2011.

The Palomino’s knew the would-be killer quite well, they had provided him with food and shelter, and had given him odd-jobs to do around the house, and at the dance studio, the couple ran together.

On April 17, Alonso Rivero snuck into the Palomino home, intent on stealing money so he could gamble at a casino. Palomino caught him in the act, and he reacted by stabbing her to death.

Elizabeth Palomino tried to fight off Alonso Rivero

He had tried to hide in a closet when Elizabeth came home unexpectedly, but when she stumbled across him, a struggle ensued, which ended after the intruder had stabbed his victim five times. Elizabeth had attempted to run and hide in her son’s bedroom, she locked the door, but Alonso Rivero kicked it down and killed her.

He stabbed her three times in the neck and twice in the back and then fled the scene. Palomino’s husband, Percy, came home from the dance studio at 1 am to discover his wife lying in a pool of her blood.

Their son had been away at the University of Central Florida when his mother was killed in his bedroom.

Alonso Rivero pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. If prosecutors had had their way, he would have been charged with first-degree murder, which could have led to the death penalty.

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Elizabeth’s family wanting closure and to avoid years of hearings and appeals, agreed to the plea, thereby sparing the killer’s life.

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