Raped, murdered and dumped in Florida canal: Tina Hendricks death features on Swamp Murders

Investigation Discovery’s docuseries Swamp Murders tonight looks at the chilling case of 18-year-old Tina Hendricks, who was raped and murdered before her corpse was dumped in a Florida canal.

The episode includes interviews with those close to the case including family members who talk through the tragic events of the night she disappeared, with actors recreating the horrific events.

Tina was last seen alive leaving the Post Time II lounge in Leesburg, Florida, with a man after a night out.

Her sister immediately knew something was wrong when she woke up the following morning and found Tina nowhere to be seen.

Her corpse was found in Leesburg’s Herlong Park by a fisherman on June 29, 1989.

Detectives honed in on the bar to try and figure out what had happened to her and who she left with, but as she’d had lots of admirers that night it took witnesses to narrow down her attacker.

Hair matching 30-year-old Mark Olvera was later found on Hendricks’ clothing and her hair was found in his car.

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DNA in semen from her body also matched his.

He continually pleaded innocent but was found guilty by a jury of both rape and murder and sentenced to two consecutive life terms in December 1991.

Watch the chilling scenes unfold in a clip from Swamp Murders below:


Swamp Murders airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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