Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford were raped and murdered by Rex Krebs who features on Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions

San Luis Obispo, Cal., resident Rex Krebs was a serial rapist who escalated his crimes until he also murdered two of his young victims, in the shape of Rachel Newhouse Aundria Crawford – Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions examines his crimes.

Nov. 12, 1998, and Rachel Newhouse from Irvine, 20, went missing whilst walking home from a bar in Irvine and her disappearance was following on March 11, 1999, with Aundria Crawford, also 20, being kidnapped from her home, neither woman was ever seen alive again.

Police got a break when a parole officer was visiting one of the men he checked up on, 35-year-old Rex Krebs. Krebs was a serial rapist with a reputation for violence and the officer noticed he had a strange injury. Not believing his excuses, the officer reported Krebs to police who searched his home and car. Inside the car they found what they suspected was a rape kit, but they were unsure if they had enough evidence to charge him. Krebs was sent back to jail for violating his parole and once there he confessed to raping and killing both women.

Krebs described how he attacked Newhouse on the street whilst he was wearing a Halloween mask. He struck her on the head and bundled the college student into his truck, before driving her to remote location where he hogtied her and then raped her. He told police that he then went away for a drink and returned to find she’d chocked to death whilst struggling with the bonds he’d made.

Crawford was taken from her own apartment and Krebs took her to his house, where she was raped and tied up. Krebs claims that when he fell asleep Crawford broke free and tried to run from the house. He then chased her down and choked her to death with a rope.

In 2001, 35-year-old Krebs was convicted for the kidnapping, rape and murder of both women and sentenced to death – he is currently serving time at San Quentin.

Krebs’s own father described his son as “demon seed” in an interview he gave to the press after his son’s conviction.

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The serial rapist previously featured on a episode of Discovery’s Interrogation Room.

Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions – The Vanishing Women of San Luis Obispo airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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