Police say Anthony Rauda is the Malibu sniper who murdered Tristan Beaudette: Citizen P.I. investigates

Mugshot of Anthony Rauda
Anthony Rauda is suspected of murdering Tristan Beaudette. Pic credit: LA County Sheriff’s Office

Citizen P.I. is examining the suspected crimes of Anthony Rauda, which include the murder of father-of-two, Tristan Beaudette, along with the attempted murder of numerous other campers in Malibu, California.

Rauda, who maintains his innocence, has been charged with ten unsolved shootings and a series of robberies spanning two years between November 2016 and October 2018.

On June 22, 2018, Beaudette was camping with his two young daughters, aged four and two, in the Malibu State Creek Park when he was shot dead. The 35-year-old scientist was sleeping with his two daughters on either side of him when he was shot in the head with a 9mm carbine rifle fired by Rauda.

The cops noticed that there had been a succession of unsolved shootings in the park since November 2016. A man had been shot in the arm while he slept in a hammock, and others reported that their campers and vehicles had been shot at while they traveled the windy roads of the area.

In total, there were about ten unsolved shootings in approximately 20 months, along with a series of robberies. The police suspect that they were committed by Rauda, who was living as a vagrant in the park.

When he was eventually arrested in the Malibu wilderness, Rauda was carrying a 9mm carbine that was matched to the shells from the Beaudette killing and several other shootings. He was also spotted on surveillance footage carrying the same firearm during a robbery.

Anthony Rauda claims he is innocent of murder

Rauda was eventually charged with the murder of Beaudette and ten counts of attempted murder. He was also charged with five counts of second-degree commercial burglary in the Calabasas area.

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Rauda continues to maintain his innocence, and his trial has been delayed while psychiatrists attempt to ascertain if he is mentally fit enough to be put on trial. The suspect has already attended various hearings where he has become violent and abusive and has had to be restrained with shackles on his legs and arms. He also has to wear a face shield to prevent him from spitting on members of the court.

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