Plucky grandmother Cece Coffee fought off home invaders and survived a shotgun blast

This week Home Alone looks at the case of grandmother Cece Coffee, who fought off home invaders and survived a shotgun blast.

July, 2012 in Peachtree City, Ga., and grandmother Cece Coffee was at home relaxing when two men armed men burst into her home.

The two men entered through an unlocked door and threatened Coffee with a shotgun. The men knew she had a local business and suspect that she might have a safe in her house.

However, the men got far more than they bargained for when Coffee decided enough was enough. She told them not to shoot her and that they should leave while they could.

This angered the two men who dragged her into a bedroom and began to try and tie her up with cords they’d ripped out of the sockets. She told reporters that as the men searched for a blanket to put over her head

Luckily for Coffee her friend, who was also in the house,  heard the noise and came into the room, distracting the home invaders. Coffee then made a run for it but only got about 15 feet before she heard a shotgun blast, at first not realising she’d been hit. Thankfully she was only grazed and managed to make it outside and crawl through the woods to her neighbor’s house.

Two men were eventually arrested, with 29-year-old Gilbert Jefferson, 29, pleading guilty to armed robbery and testifying against his cousin Ted Jefferson, also 29.

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Gilbert was given a 10 year prison sentence and his cousin was later found guilty of two counts of armed robbery, two counts of aggravating assault, one count of kidnapping, burglary and possession of a firearm

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Michael D Sanderfer
Michael D Sanderfer
4 years ago

Such a joke of sentencing, they wanted her dead, should be in prison for life, they’ll never change.

1 month ago

Wonder if she’s still a No Lock people.

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