People Magazine Investigates: What happened to Baby Lisa Irwin from Kansas City?

People Magazine Investigates the case of Lisa Irwin, the 10-month-old girl who went missing from her crib.

Back in 2011 Jeremy Irwin returned from working a late shift to the house he shared with his fiancee in Kansas City. He went to check on his 10-month-old daughter Lisa but she was missing from het crib.

He wakes up his partner Debbie Bradley and their other two kids, together they begin searching the house for Lisa.

However, they soon begin to suspect she could not have gotten out of the crib on her own.

The police are called and they investigate neighbors, known local drifters and reports of a man seen walking down the street with a baby.

Then the investigation take a shocking change in direction and the family are accused of being involved.

The family fight back in the media but meantime Lisa is still missing…

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The case is still open and the local police have said they think it is possible Lisa is still alive.

Catch People Magazine Investigates – What Happened to Baby Lisa? at 10 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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