People Magazine Investigates Green Beret Jeffrey MacDonald’s family murder conviction

This week People Magazine Investigates the case of  Jeffrey MacDonald, who was accused of killing his wife and children back in 1970.

Green Beret surgeon MacDonald and his wife Colette moved to Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1969 and soon settled in.

They formed a quick friendship with the Thoesens, who also lived at the sprawling military base.

However, this seemingly idyllic new start was shattered in the February of 1970 when 26-year-old Colette, her 5-year-old daughter Kimberly and 2-year-old Kristen were all found murdered in their house.

Husband Jefferey was the only survivor and he claimed that intruders had attacked and robbed the family. The murders were particularly brutal with all the victims being stabbed multiple times with a knife and ice pick, in addition to blunt force trauma wounds.

A military hearing was conducted and he was cleared but a few years later another case was brought under federal law.

Jefferey was then found guilty and given several life sentences, it was surmised that he killed his wife perhaps by accident after an argument and then went on to kill his children. He then tried to cover it up by imitating some of the Manson Murders and wounding himself. You can read more about the rather grim details and aftermath here.

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Since then he always claimed his innocence and the Thoesens have continued to support him.

Jefferey continues to try have his conviction overturned and this week People looks into some new evidence.

Watch People Magazine Investigates – Jeffrey MacDonald: The Accused at 10 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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