Paul Ezra Rhoades’ Idaho killing spree featured on Night Shift Nightmare

A killing spree which left people across Idaho terrified in the 1980s is profiled tonight on an Investigation Discovery.

Paul Ezra Rhoades left three people dead when he went on the rampage in the state between February and March 1987.

His reign of terror started when he abducted 21-year-old Stacy Baldwin Larsen at midnight on February 28 that year while she was working a late-night shift at the Red Mini Barn convenience store in Blackfoot.

ID’s episode Night Shift Nightmare looks at how she was found in a pool of blood-soaked snow a few miles from the town after being shot three times.

However, when more bodies appear it is quickly apparent to cops that a violent killer is on the loose.

Rhoades’ second victim was Nolan Haddon, 20, who he shot five times at Buck’s Gas and Grocery in the town.

Haddon died hours after being found fighting for his life in the store’s walk-in freezer the next morning.

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The killer’s third and final victim was special-education teacher Susan Michelbacher, 34, who he abducted from a grocery store parking lot, took $2,000 from and raped before shooting her several times.

She was found two days later in wasteland seven miles west of Idaho Falls.

Rhoades was sentenced to death for the first degree murders of Baldwin and Michelbacher and given two life-sentences for the second-degree murder of Haddon.

He was executed in November 2011 by lethal after a judge refused a stay of execution. It was the state’s first execution in 17 years.

Night Shift Nightmare airs tonight at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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