Pastor Kevin Pushia murdered disabled man Lemuel Wallace for money: My Murder Story investigates

Kevin Pushia posing in suit
Kevin Pushia was convicted of orchestrating the murder of Lemuel Wallace for money. Pic credit: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore/ YouTube

My Murder Story examines the tragic case of Lemuel Wallace, who was callously murdered in Baltimore in February 2009 by Pastor Kevin Pushia.

Pushia orchestrated the murder of the blind and developmentally disabled Wallace so he could collect on $1.4 million in life insurance policies.

On February 4, 2009, Wallace was picked up from his group home, and his body was later found in an isolated restroom in a Baltimore City park; he had been shot multiple times.

Pushia confessed to taking out several life insurance policies on Wallace while posing as a sibling, and he also admitted to paying a hitman $50,000.

Kevin Pushia took money from church funds to murder Lemuel Wallace

It’s thought Wallace took the money from his church’s funds, he founded the church in 2005, but it burned down two years later.

The alleged hitmen were brothers James “Omar” Clea and Kareem Clea; they were charged with the first-degree murder but were subsequently acquitted in court due to some very erratic and contradictory testimony by Pushia. The brothers were convicted of conspiracy.

Police initially arrested Pushia after the insurance company alerted them of Pushia’s name on Wallace’s life insurance policies.

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A search of Wallace’s home revealed a day planner notebook; for February 4, he had written “LW project complete,” he would later admit that LW stood for Lemuel Wallace.

Kevin Pushia was given a life sentence

In court, Pushia said he entered a guilty plea, “for his peace of mind and his own soul.”

Kevin Pushia was given a life sentence by the Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge, who then added an additional 45 years for charges related to insurance fraud.

Pushia may have targeted other people; it’s alleged he took out similar insurance policies on his boyfriend when the pair were arguing. He also took out policies on the man’s mother and daughter but canceled them when their relationship improved.

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