NBA star Dele Bison aka Brian Williams suddenly vanished in mysterious circumstances: ID investigates

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Where Did NBA Star Brian Williams Go?: Rich & Shameless is examining the strange case of Dele Bison, aka Brian Williams, who disappeared along with his companions in the South Pacific under highly suspicious circumstances.

Dele was a hugely successful basketball player from 1991 to 1999. He was born Brian Williams but changed his name to honor his Native American and African heritage.

He played with the NBA’s Orlando Magic and the Chicago Bulls, among many others. In 1999, he walked away from the Detroit Pistons, ditching over $30 million to retire and live a life of leisure.

Dele bought himself a catamaran and learned how to sail. On July 6, 2002, Dele and his girlfriend Serena Karlan, skipper Bertrand Saldo, and Dele’s brother Miles Dabord sailed out of Tahiti to explore the islands of French Polynesia.

About two weeks later, Dabord sailed the boat to Tahiti, minus his shipmates. Dele, Karlan, and Saldo were never seen alive again.

The FBI, along with the French authorities, would later conclude that Dabord, who was born Kevin Williams, likely murdered the trio and threw them overboard. However, it could never be confirmed, and Dabord was never charged.

Dele Bison, aka Brian Williams, sailboat was altered after he vanished

Dabord flew back to the United States after someone had repainted and changed the name of his brother’s boat. The cops later found possible evidence of a struggle on board and traces of blood.

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He soon aroused the suspicion of the FBI when he tried to purchase $150,000 worth of gold by impersonating Dele.

Dabord was questioned by the police and then fled to Mexico. In September 2002, he purposely overdosed on insulin and fell into a coma. He was transported to a hospital in California, where he was arrested while still in a coma.

Dabord passed away a short time later, perhaps taking the truth of whatever happened on that boat to his grave.

He reportedly left documents behind, claiming that he had been fighting with Dele when Karlan was accidentally hit in the head, causing her death.

Miles Dabord allegedly claimed he killed Dele Bison in self-defense

Dabord allegedly claimed Saldo had wanted to report Karlan’s death, but Dele had panicked and killed him. He then wrote he had killed his brother in self-defense.

The mother of Dabord and Dele, Patricia Phillips, told the press that she had received a phone call from a distressed Dabord shortly before his death.

He allegedly told her, “Mom, I just need you to believe me. I wouldn’t hurt my brother. I need to know that you love me before I die. I can’t go to prison. You know my personality is the type that I can’t survive in prison. Nobody will believe my story.”

Where Did NBA Star Brian Williams Go?: Rich & Shameless airs Thursday at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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