Navy man Cory Voss was murdered when his wife Catherina Voss took out a hit on him

This week Cold Hearted examines the murder of Cory Allen Voss, who was shot dead by a hitman hired by his wife Catherina Voss.

April 29, 2007, in Newport News, Virginia, and 30-year-old Navy man Cory Allen Voss was shot dead as he went to use an ATM. His wife raised the alarm when he failed to return, calling hospitals and asking family members to help search for him.

Voss, a father of two, was not long home from deployment aboard the frigate Elrod, where he was an officer specializing in communications.

Police began a murder investigation and they kept an eye on Catherina Voss, who had shacked up with a man called Michael Draven and seemed to be having the time of her life. The pair were calling themselves and wife, as they spend huge amounts of the $100,000 death benefit Voss had received on trips and luxuries.

Detectives then got a tip that Draven had asked someone if they had ever done a hit on someone. This led them to David Runyon, a former cop and vet, who it turned out that Voss had hired for $20,000 to kill her husband.

All three were arrested and Voss pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against both Draven and Runyon in exchange for the prosecutor taking the death penalty off the table.

It turned out that Draven and Voss had been having an affair whilst her husband Cory was away on duty and had decided to get rid of him for good.

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Voss was sentenced to four life prison terms and another 20 years , Draven was given three life terms and Runyon was given the death penalty.

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