Naval Officer Cory Voss gunned down in plot hatched by his wife and her lover: 48 Hours NCIS studies the case tonight

Cory and Cat Voss pose in a family photo
Cory and Cat Voss posing in a family photo. Pic credit: Family photo.

Naval Officer Cory Allen Voss was gunned down in April, 2007, the victim of a plot hatched by his wife Catherina ‘Cat’ Voss and her lover Michael Draven. They had hired hitman David Runyon to murder Cory so that Cat could collect on a $400,000 insurance policy.

Cat sent her husband out on an errand to withdraw cash from a remote ATM, Runyon lay in wait and then shot him 5 times in an attempt to make the crime look like a botched robbery. Cory had been a respected naval Officer, his superiors fully expected him to run his own ship at some point.

Cory and Cat had gotten together after meeting at a bar in Newport News, Virginia in 1999, a few months later, after Cat revealed she was pregnant, Cory proposed. Unknown to Cory, Cat was already hiding a secret, she was already married to another military man who was stationed overseas. When this man returned they divorced and Cory and Cat married.

Cory’s family initially loved Cat, they adored her exotic Russian accent, Cat had stated that she was a Ukrainian migrant, however it later transpired that this was untrue and the accent was faked.

While Cory was stationed overseas in 2006, Cat met Michael Draven on the social networking website MySpace. Draven played the role of dark mysterious rich playboy, however he was lying about his status to Cat, he actually lived in a mobile home with his mother.

After Runyon killed Cory, Cat automatically received $100,000 from the military, which is normal procedure for the next of kin upon the death of an active member of the military. By all accounts Cat blew through this money in a matter of a few weeks, spending money on a vacation, jewelry, fancy restaurants, and Draven’s rent.

Police acting on a tip off from a friend of Cat had begun investigating Cat and Draven through wire taps. Police after hearing them repeatedly refer to a ‘David’ linked them to Runyon.

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When police searched Runyon’s car they found a detailed map leading to the crime scene, along with details of Cory and his pick-up truck, and when to find him. They also found photos and addresses of Cat and Draven in the car.

Draven and Cat initially blamed each other for the plot, each accusing the other of being the mastermind. Eventually Cat pleaded guilty, Draven and Runyon both went to trial, where they were found guilty. Cat and Draven both received life sentences, while Runyon is currently on death row.

This murder is examined on 48 Hours: NCIS at 8/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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