Mysterious deaths of former NBA player Bison Dele and his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, highlighted on Dark Waters: Murder In The Deep

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Bison Dele and his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, disappeared while sailing to Tahiti. Pic credit: Monsters and Critics

The mysterious deaths of former NBA player Bison Dele, who was born Brian Williams, and his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, are highlighted in the latest episode of Dark Waters: Murder In The Deep on Investigation Discovery.

On July 6, 2002, Dele, 33, his brother Miles and Karlan set out from Tahiti on Dele’s catamaran, the Hukuna Matata. French captain, Bertrand Saldo was at the helm.

The couple and the captain were never seen alive again, with only Dele’s brother making it back to shore.

Miles Dabord, arrived in Papeete, Tahiti, two days later where he met up with his girlfriend, Erica Weise.

Dabord allegedly told her that there was a scuffle on the boat between him and his brother. When Karlan tried to intervene, she fell and struck her head which resulted in her death.

The fight escalated, and he shot Dele in self-defense. With the captain being the only witness to the murders, he stated that he had to kill him too. Afterward, Dabord threw the bodies overboard.

Weise then reported the murders to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, who contacted the FBI.

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Investigators found holes on the boat that had been repaired, but they were unsure if it were bullet holes. They also found stains that appeared to be blood.

Before Dabord, who relatives said had a drinking problem and was envious of Dele’s career, could be brought to justice, he died from an insulin overdose.

The bodies of Bison Dele, Serena Karlan, and Bertrand Saldo have never been found.

Dark Waters: Murder In The Deep — Screams Of The South Pacific, airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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