Murders of Thomas, Lisa, and Kevin Haines by Alec Kreider detailed on Evil Lives Here

Alec Kreider photo
Alec Kreider murdered three people, Thomas, Lisa, and Kevin Haines, while they were asleep inside their home. Pic credit: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Alec Kreider murdered his classmate, Kevin Haines, and his parents, Thomas and Lisa Haines, at their home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Evil Lives Here on Investigation Discovery takes a closer look at the case.

At around 2 am on May 12, 2007, Alec broke into the Haine’s family home, which was about 10 minutes away from his house, and stabbed Thomas and Lisa to death in their sleep before walking to Kevin’s room and fatally stabbing him as well.

Afterward, the then-16-year-old returned to the parent’s bedroom and slit Lisa’s throat with a hunting knife.

The commotion woke the couple’s daughter, Maggie Haines, who had a lucky escape and managed to escape to a neighbor’s house where the university student called 911 for help.

Before law enforcement arrived at the scene, Alec, who was a sophomore at Manheim Township High School at the time, fled the scene—leaving his bloody shoe prints behind.

About a month after the Haine’s family murders, Alec was admitted into a mental facility after he threatened to take his own life with a gun. While there, he confessed to his father, Tim Kreider, during a family counseling session that he killed Kevin and his parents.

Although Tim stated that it was one of the most difficult decisions of his life, he had to turn his son into the police as it was his responsibility to the community and as a human being.

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Alec was arrested and charged with burglary and three counts of first-degree murder.

A motive for the killing is unknown, but investigators asserted that according to his journal, he hated happy people.

Alec pled guilty to the murders in June 2018 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In January 2017, Alec was found hanging in his cell at the SCI Camp Hill. He was rushed to Holy Spirit Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Evil Lives Here — I Have To Do The Right Thing, airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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Laurence L. Smith
Laurence L. Smith
2 years ago

This is such a tragic case for everyone involved. There needs to be more organized and mandatory counseling for all high school students. Adults and parents cannot be mind readers when it comes to teenagers, but even the smallest signs of depression or strange behavior cannot be ignored.

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