Murders of Stephen Bryant and Madonna Watcher by Robert Calvin Farris spotlighted on Murder Chose Me

Stephen Bryant and Madonna Watcher photo
Robert Calvin Farris murdered a couple, Stephen Bryant and Madonna Watcher, at their home in Shreveport, Louisiana. Pic credit: Louisiana Department of Corrections / Family

The murders of Stephen Bryant and Madonna Watcher by Robert Calvin Farris are spotlighted in the latest episode of Murder Chose Me on Investigation Discovery.

Bryant, 57, and Watcher, 49, were a couple who was found shot to death inside their home at 243 Columbia Street in Shreveport, Louisiana, on January 3, 2013.

When police officers searched the home for evidence, they encountered Watcher’s cell phone with threatening messages from Farris. Apparently, she owed him $500 for the drugs he provided her, and she was supposed to pay him on January 2.

Farris stated that he wanted the full amount or he was going to retrieve it in blood, and he told her that he didn’t care if she reported his threat to the police.

He tried to instill fear in Watcher by saying he had spent time behind bars for shooting someone. However, officials stated that he was arrested in 2011 for his involvement in a drive-by shooting, but he was released shortly after when the case fell apart.

When Farris uncovered that Shreveport only had $325, which she was still holding in her hand at the time she was found dead by Watcher’s sister, he killed her and her boyfriend.

Farris was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder. He opted for a bench trial, which began on August 25, 2015. Several weeks later, a judge found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.

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