Murders of serial killer Wayne Adam Ford investigated on Evil Lives Here

Mugshot of Wayne Adam Ford
Wayne Adam Ford was sentenced to death for the murder of four women. Pic credit: CA Dept. of Corrections

Evil Lives Here is investigating the murders of Wayne Adam Ford, who brutally killed at least four women as he traveled through California as a truck driver in 1997 and 1998.

On November 3, 1998, Ford telephoned his brother to say he needed help. The next day, his brother accompanied him to a sheriff’s office in Eureka, California, where he told the deputies that he had done terrible things and that he wished to confess.

The serial killer showed the cops a severed woman’s breast, which he had in a Ziploc bag, as proof that he was telling the truth. Over the following days, Ford told the cops in detail about the four women, one hitchhiker, and two prostitutes, who he had butchered.

Ford had been working as a long-haul truck driver, which allowed him to randomly select his victims and avoid capture. He sexually assaulted the women and murdered them by strangulation. He would then mutilate their bodies.

He picked up his first victim on October 14, 1997. She was never identified but was estimated to be 18 to 25 years old at the time of death. Her torso was found two weeks later in a swamp in Eureka.

Ford’s second victim was Tina Renee Gibbs, a prostitute from Las Vegas. He killed her in May 1998, and her remains were found the following month in an aqueduct in Kern County, southern California.

In September 1998, the sick killer struck again when he murdered 25-year-old Lanett Deyon White and left her naked body in an irrigation canal near Lodi in San Joaquin County.

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Ford’s fourth victim was 29-year-old Patricia Anne Tamez, who he picked up by a convenience store in Hesperia, near Los Angeles. According to the police, he paid Tamez for sex and then strangled her. He dumped her remains in a nearby aqueduct.

Wayne Adam Ford had a hatred for women

Ford was described as having a hatred for women, and it’s thought that when his marriage ended two years before the murders, this hatred and anger towards women spiraled out of control and may have helped fuel his crime spree.

After Ford turned himself in, detectives across California and in Washington State looked into the possibility that he was responsible for numerous other unsolved murders and sexual assaults. However, ultimately, he was only charged for the four murders.

In 2006, Wayne Ford was found guilty on four counts of first-degree murder and was sentenced to death. He’s currently on death row in California’s San Quentin state prison.

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