Murders of Nathan and Krystal Maddox by Lloyd Paul and Kristen Westfall featured on Blood Relations

Mugshots of Lloyd Paul Westfall and Kristen Westfall
Lloyd Paul Westfall and his daughter, Kristen, were sent to prison for murdering Nathan and Krystal Maddox. Pic credit: Tyler County Jail

Blood Relations is featuring the murders of a married couple, Nathan and Krystal Maddox, by Lloyd Paul Westfall and his daughter, Kristen, near Colmesneil, Texas.

Nathan was previously married to Kristen, and together they had a daughter, whom he and his wife were trying to get custody of.

When Kristen went to jail in early 2013, her parents were given temporary custody of their daughter, and they didn’t allow him to see her while she was in their care.

A judge granted Nathan and Krystal supervised visitation in October 2013.

On Jan. 18, 2014, the couple went to the Mount Carmel Baptist Church on Recreational Road 255 to visit the child, and as they were leaving, shots rang out.

Officers arrived and found Nathan and Krystal dead in the parking lot. Both were shot in the head with a .30-30 rifle, which was found at the scene, along with .30-30 rifle shell casings.

An autopsy later revealed that Nathan was also shot in the hip with a 20-gauge shotgun, which led investigators to believe that there were two shooters.

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Police arrested four members of the Westfall family

In July of that same year, police arrested Lloyd Paul and Letha as well as their adult children, Kristen and Cameron. They were all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Cameron ultimately cooperated with the police. He told them that Kristen wanted Nathan out of their daughter’s life, and she became upset when a judge gave him supervised visits.

Kristen then tried to find someone to kill him. When she was unable to, she and her father decided to do it themselves.

Letha Westfall and her son, Cameron, were sent to prison for their involvement in the murders of Nathan and Krystal Maddox. Pic credit: Tyler County Jail

After the shooting, Cameron stated that Lloyd Paul asked him to dispose of the evidence, which included duct tape and guns.

Cameron then led authorities to a pond near the family’s property, where he threw the evidence.

Divers later recovered the items.

Lloyd Paul, Letha, and Cameron Westfall took plea deals

After agreeing to testify against his sister, Cameron took a plea deal. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge: two counts of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Letha also took a plea deal. Instead of going to trial, she pleaded guilty to engaging in organized criminal activity.

In 2016, a judge sentenced Cameron to 10 years in prison, and his mother received a life sentence.

Letha will not be eligible for parole until 2046.

The following year, a judge sentenced Lloyd Paul to life in prison. He avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to first-degree murder.

According to his plea agreement, he will not be able to appeal his conviction.

A jury convicted Kristen Westfall 

A few months after Kristen’s family was sentenced, a Brazos County jury deliberated for nearly eight hours before they found her guilty of capital murder.

A judge sentenced Kristen to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Blood Relations airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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