Murders of Bryia Runiewicz and Sabrina Vaughn by Bass Webb investigated on Evil Lives Here

Mugshot of Bass Webb
Bass was found guilty for the murders of Sabrina Vaughn and Bryia Runiewicz. Pic credit: KY Dept. of Corrections

Evil Lives Here is investigating the disturbing crimes of Bass Webb, who murdered two former girlfriends, Bryia Runiewicz and Sabrina Vaughn, in Kentucky between 2003 and 2009. He also attempted to murder a police officer and a correctional officer in 2009.

Webb was a real nasty piece of work who had been having run-ins with the law since 2000. He murdered Vaughn, who was in her 20s, in 2003, burying her in Powell County, and 31-year-old Runiewicz was killed in Cynthiana, Harrison County, in 2009.

Runiewicz was expected to start a new job with the Department of Homeland Security when Webb raped and murdered the single mother in her home on July 31, 2009.

In the same year, Webb also attempted to kill a sheriff’s deputy and a prison officer by running them over in his car in the parking lot of the Bourbon County jail. He was found guilty of attempted murder in that case and was sentenced to 37 years in prison.

In 2010, the police discovered the skeletal remains of Sabrina Vaughn in a shallow grave; she had been missing since 2003. As a former boyfriend, Webb instantly came under suspicion for her murder; the pair had been dating in 2003 when she mysteriously vanished.

Bass Webb pleaded guilty to Bryia Runiewicz murder

In the meantime, Webb pleaded guilty to raping and murdering Runiewicz and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. He was then put on trial for the murder of Sabrina Vaughn when he was found guilty and sentenced to life behind bars.

At his trial for the Vaughn murder, Webb appeared in court sporting a controversial tattoo on the back of his skull. The tattoo was a list of people he wanted to kill; titled “Kill Rats,” the list included “all judges, all prosecutors, all cops, and all media.”

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Webb has shown no sign of remorse and little sign of controlling his anger; he once spat at a judge during a hearing and has also spat at a prison guard. He also played a key role in a prison riot.

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2 years ago

It is for monsters like this that we have the death penalty. They have given up the right to walk amongst us.

Tiana Still
Tiana Still
2 years ago
Reply to  Scott


1 year ago
Reply to  Tiana Still

That’s why he said he doesn’t deserve the right to be amongst us. He doesn’t deserve to be living honestly. A waste of taxpayers money.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tiana Still

Because that ended well for his first 2?

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