Murders of Aliza Sherman and Sheila Deviney investigated on Still A Mystery

Profile pics of Aliza Sherman and Sheila Deviney
Aliza Sherman and Sheila Deviney were both brutally murdered in broad daylight. Pic credit: @justiceforaliza/Facebook and

Still A Mystery is investigating another two murder cases this week, which include the killings of Aliza Sherman in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, and Sheila Deviney in Garvin County, Oklahoma.

Both women were murdered in broad daylight under particularly horrible circumstances, and both murders remain unsolved.

The murder of Aliza Sherman

On March 24, 2013, 53-year-old Aliza was set to meet her divorce attorney at his office in downtown Cleveland; however, the meeting never occurred, and as she left the building, she was brutally stabbed to death. Aliza was attacked from behind and was stabbed a horrific eleven times.

The attack happened in broad daylight, and a hooded figure was spotted fleeing the scene on security footage. Tragically, that individual has never been identified, and the murder weapon was never recovered. So far, nobody has been charged with the crime.

At the time, Aliza had just started going through a fairly acrimonious divorce proceeding. Suspicion actually landed on her divorce lawyer Gregory Moore after he was found to have lied about his whereabouts at the time of the murder. He later pleaded guilty to giving investigators false information.

Unfortunately, Aliza’s murder remains unsolved, and a reward of £100,000 is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest. Members of the public have been asked to call Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County at 216-252-7463 or visit

The murder of Sheila Deviney

On January 6, 2004, Sheila was burned to death in her trailer home in Maysville, Garvin County, Oklahoma. The recent college graduated single mother had just returned from dropping her two kids off at school.

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The fire was initially ruled an accident, but months later, investigators decided it was a homicide. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the trailer had been destroyed along with the evidence.

It’s believed that Sheila was attacked and incapacitated somehow by an individual or a gang, who then packed flammable materials around her and doused her with accelerants before setting the young mother alight. This all occurred in broad daylight.

Family, friends, and concerned citizens of Garvin County have pledged to award $50,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of Sheila’s killers. They ask anyone with info to contact them at (405) 255-5480.

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Still A Mystery airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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