Murderous rampage of Christopher Rogers investigated on Cold Blooded Alaska

Mugshot of Christopher Erin Rogers
Christopher Erin Rogers was sentenced to 498 years in prison for his murderous rampage. Pic credit: Anchorage Police Dept.

Cold Blooded Alaska in examing the murders of serial killer Christopher Erin Rogers, Jr., who killed his father at his home in Palmer, Alaska, before driving to nearby Anchorage where he shot another three people.

Rogers’s murderous rampage began on December 1, 2007, when he hacked his father, Christopher Erin Rogers Sr., to death with a machete. He also seriously wounded his father’s fiance, Elann Moran, and the family dog, who had tried to stop the attack.

Rogers then took his father’s revolver, some ammunition, and his truck and drove to Anchorage. He abandoned the truck at a gas station and was on foot when he encountered Jason Wenger in his Ford Bronco in his driveway. Rogers shot him eight times before fleeing the scene.

Later that evening, Rogers came across Elizabeth Rumsey as she walked home from a bar and shot her multiple times with his revolver. Rogers would later tell the cops that he shot Rumsey because he was afraid she had recognized him. Thankfully, Rumsey survived the attack and later was key in identifying him as the attacker.

The cops apprehended Christopher Rogers after a car chase

Finally, the following morning, Rogers shot Tamas Deak as he tried to get into his Jeep. Rogers then stole the truck. Luckily, Deak also survived the shooting and was able to identify Rogers.

A short time later, the cops spotted the Jeep and began a pursuit. The police managed to ram the vehicle and pin it between a tree and a power pole, which allowed Rogers to be apprehended. He tried to shoot one of the arresting officers, but luckily, his gunned jammed.

When interviewed by the cops, Rogers claimed a bizarre motive for the killings; he said that aliens had told him to kill as many people as possible: “I heard these voices telling me I had to go do it. I had this obligation, so to speak.”

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He also told the cops that he had intended to kill more people and that his father’s murder was nothing personal. However, he later spoke of an acrimonious relationship with his father and said his family treated him like a slave and an idiot.

Rogers was convicted of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, and several other related crimes. He was sentenced to 498 years and passed away in prison in June 2020.

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Cold Blooded Alaska airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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