Murder of Caroline Nosal by Christopher O’Kroley examined on The Killer Beside Me

Mugshot of Christopher O'Kroley
Christopher O’Kroley was convicted of murdering colleague Caroline Nosal execution-style. Pic credit: Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections

The Killer Beside Me has traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, to examine the callous murder of Caroline Nosal, who was killed outside her workplace by former coworker Christopher O’ Kroley.

She was killed for the simple reason that she spurned his sexual advances.

Caroline and O’ Kroley were both working at the Metro Market convenience store when they struck up a friendship; however, O’ Kroley demanded more from the relationship. Unfortunately, Caroline found his behavior increasingly unacceptable, so she reported him to the management.

O’ Kroley was suspended from his position and was subsequently fired. For some reason, this twisted individual bizarrely blamed Caroline for his bad behavior, and he decided to exact revenge.

On February 2, 2016, O’ Kroley drove to the store and waited for Caroline to finish her shift. He played games on his cellphone to pass the time while he waited to kill.

Just before Caroline emerged from the store, O’ Kroley took up position crouched behind her vehicle. When she turned the corner, O’ Kroley fired into her chest. He shot her again in the head as she lay on the ground.

He then texted a former coworker with the message: “‘I killed Caroline and I’m about to kill myself. So don’t be surprised when I don’t respond anymore.”

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However, he later explained to the cops that he could not turn the gun on himself, so instead, he just fled the scene.

The police caught up to him the following day, and he even exchanged gunfire with an officer, who, thankfully, was uninjured.

Christopher O’Kroley carefully planned murder of Caroline Nosal

O’ Kroley more or less cooperated with the police after his arrest. He told them that he had texted former coworkers to ask when Caroline would be at work- under the pretext that he could pick up belongings and avoid running into her.

He also told the police that he was a “sociopath” and that it had been “easy” to kill Caroline because she had “ruined his life.”

The prosecution would later use these discussions with the police to show that he had meticulously planned the murder.

In September 2016, O’Kroley received an automatic life sentence for the murder of Caroline Nosal.

In the following May, he was found dead in his cell from an apparent suicide. It was the same day that would have been Caroline’s birthday.

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1 month ago

Terrible tragedy. Glad one less murderer is walking amongst us.

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