Murderers Lisa Jo Chamberlin, Mary Farmer, and Carol Dawson investigated on Deadly Women

Mugshots of Lisa Jo Chamberlin and Carol Dawson
Lisa Jo Chamberlin and Carol Dawson are convicted murderers. Pic credit: Mississippi Dept. of Corrections and South Yorkshire Police

Deadly Women takes another look at three murderous women this week; they are Lisa Jo Chamberlin from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Mary Farmer from New York, and Carol Dawson from Barnsley in England.

The first murder involves the deaths of Linda Heintzelman and boyfriend Vernon Hulett in 2004, who were murdered by Lisa Jo Chamberlin and Roger Lee Gillett in Hattiesburg, MS., before their remains were stowed at an abandoned farm in Kansas.

For the second murderer, the show travels back in time by over 100 years to investigate the crimes of Mary Farmer, who hatched a bizarre plot to murder and steal the house of her neighbor, Sarah Brennan, in rural New York state.

The third murderess is from across the Atlantic Ocean in Barnsley, England, where Carol Dawson and her son, Scott Dawson, brutally beat jogger Gary Dean to death because of an ongoing feud between the three.

Murders of Linda Heintzelman and Vernon Hulett by Lisa Jo Chamberlin

In March 2004, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation became suspicious of Mississippi couple Lisa Jo Chamberlin and Roger Lee Gillett, who they suspected of being involved in the manufacture of Methamphetamine. The Kansas cops decided to search an abandoned farm in rural Russell County, Kansas, that belonged to Gillett’s father.

The police were searching for drugs, but they found something far more grisly. In a freezer, they found the bodies of 37-year-old Linda Heintzelman and her 34-year-old boyfriend, Vernon Hulett. They had been beaten to death with a hammer and suffocated.

The police learned that the murdered couple had been living with Chamberlin and Gillett in Hattiesburg, MS., but were murdered when Hulett refused to open a safe in his house. The murderous couple then fled the state to cover up their crime. They were both convicted of murder.

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The murder of Sarah Brennan by Mary Farmer

In 1908, near Watertown, NY., Mary Farmer murdered her so-called friend, neighbor, and landlady, Sarah Brennan, in an elaborate plot to steal her house. Farmer killed Brennan with an ax to the back of the head and then stowed the remains in a trunk. She then assumed Brennan’s identity and had the deeds of her victim’s house signed over to herself.

Incredibly, she then told Brennan’s husband, Patsy Brennan, that his wife had run off after selling her the house and that he now had to move out. Farmer and her own bewildered husband, James Farmer, then moved into the house.

Pasty Brennan contacted the local sheriff, who searched the house and found the decaying body of Brennan in a truck. Both Mary and James Farmer were arrested.

Mary Farmer was executed by electric chair the following year, whereas husband James was acquitted of all charges.

Murder of Gary Dean by Carol Dawson

Carol Dawson and her son Scott were enraged by jogger Gary Dean constantly crossing onto their property during his daily runs.

One day, in September 2018, the murderous pair shot Dean in the back with an air-rifle before bombarding him with rocks. He reportedly tried to escape by crawling along a ditch, but sadly, he succumbed to his injuries and died in the ditch.

Dean’s family later said that he had autism, which had made him especially vulnerable.

The Dawson’s had hoped to dispose of the body with a digger, but a walker discovered Dean’s remains before they could bury him.

Carol Dawson was 71 years old when she was sentenced to serve a minimum of 26 years in prison whereas, Scott Dawson was sentenced to a minimum of 31 years.

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Deadly Women airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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