Murder of Yvonne Oulton by her husband Robert Oulton featured on Heart of Darkness

Robert Oulton photo
Robert Oulton murdered his wife, Yvonne Oulton, in a horrific attack. Pic Credit: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Yvonne Oulton was murdered by her husband, Robert Oulton. Heart of Darkness on Investigation Discovery spotlights the case.

On Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, Yvonne, 62, spent the day with her two young grandchildren before going to the Isle Casino and Racing in Pompano, Florida, with her husband and stopping by Big Louie’s for dinner.

Afterward, Yvonne and Robert decided to clean their 2007 Dodge Caravan. It was during that time that the pair got into a heated argument.

Robert was an investor in his son’s poker business, and he had been asked to keep Yvonne from interfering.

However, she brought up the subject and wouldn’t stop talking about it.

At some time during the argument, Yvonne supposedly threw a bag of tools at him, which prompted him to grab a hammer and hit her in the face about 10 times.

During the trial, Robert admitted to killing his wife. He said he snapped.

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Before the murder, he said he’d never hit her.

After bludgeoning his wife to death, Robert left his wife’s body inside of their minivan and went back to the casino for an hour to play poker.

He then called his adult son, Bryan, and said his mother was missing.

The pair went searching for her for several hours until Robert confessed and led him to Yvonne’s body.

An investigation led to Robert’s arrest two days after the slaying. 

He was found guilty of second-degree murder.

In 2015, Robert was sentenced to life in prison.

Heart of Darkness — Gambling with the Devil, airs at 9:00 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

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