Murder of Tierra Hall by Kelton Fox investigated on See No Evil

Mugshot of Kelton Fox
Kelton Fox eventually admitted to killing girlfriend Tierra Hall. Pic credit: NC Dept. of Corrections

See No Evil is investigating the murder of teenager Tierra Hall, who was butchered by her teenage boyfriend, Kelton Breshon Fox, in Durham, North Carolina.

On March 28, 2015, the remains of 18-year-old Hall were found lying face on the porch of an abandoned house. She had been brutally stabbed and had injuries to her head, face, and chest. The scene was covered in blood, suggesting that the victim had been subject to a frenzied attack.

The police uncovered a number of key clues at the crime scene. There was a cellphone case missing the phone, and in Hall’s pocket was a hall pass from a local high school, which allowed her to be identified as a student at Jordan High School.

The cops went to the school to check out the surveillance footage which had captured Hall walking through the premises with her boyfriend, Kelton Fox. The images seemed to suggest the pair were having fun, but things changed when Fox appeared to snatch Hall’s cellphone.

The footage then showed Fox marching away from the school with Hall following him from behind. The pair were headed in the direction of the abandoned house.

Surveillance footage helped convict Kelton Fox of murder

Later, the cameras showed Fox returning to the campus without Hall; he had his sleeves pulled over his hands and went straight into a bathroom. He did not return to class. Like so many of the crimes shown on See No Evil, the security cameras proved vital in securing a conviction.

At the abandoned house, the cops also found some graffiti that read “King K tha Savage.” After learning that Fox’s mother had once lived at the home, the police concluded that “King K” was Kelton Fox.

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Kelton Fox eventually pleaded guilty to killing Tiera Hall and was subsequently convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to just over 15 years behind bars.

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See No Evil airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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