Murder of Tabatha Spake Heavner by Aaron Compton investigated on American Monster

Mugshot of Aaron Compton
Aaron Compton was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Tabatha Spake Heavner. Pic credit: NC Dept. of Corrections

American Monster is examining the kidnap and murder of mother-of-three Tabatha Spake Heavner, who was stabbed and taken by Aaron Compton from her home in Catawaba County, North Carolina.

In August 2013, Compton broke into Heavner’s Catawba County apartment and stabbed her before dragging her into her car. The pair had been in a relationship, but it had recently ended.

Heavner had managed to dial 911 just before she was kidnapped. The dispatcher heard the sound of breaking glass followed by a woman’s scream before the phone went dead.

Tabatha Spake Heavner fought hard to escape Aaron Compton

Compton drove Heavner to neighboring Gaston County, where she jumped out of the car and made a run for it. Unfortunately, Compton caught up to her and stabbed her a second time.

Despite her horrific injuries, Heavner actually managed to escape once again and jumped over a guardrail onto the road, but tragically, was hit by two vehicles and died at the scene.

Compton fled the scene and drove to Denver. During the drive, he contacted the police and said that he intended to turn himself in, which he did on arrival in Denver.

He later told a court that he had never intended to kill his ex-girlfriend. However, the prosecution pointed to the detailed planning he had made beforehand to argue that murder was his intention.

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The cops had found a kidnapping to-do list at Compton’s home. Before the attack, he had bought a knife, rope, and machete. He also changed his last will and testament to leave all he had to his daughter.

Compton managed to avoid the death penalty by pleading guilty. He pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, assault, kidnapping, and robbery, which landed him with a life sentence.

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American Monster airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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