Murder of Steven Galvin is profiled on The Murder Tapes: Was Billy Mount the killer?

Mugshot of Billy Mount
Billy Mount is in prison for the murder of David Cox. Pic credit: Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Steven Galvin was gunned down on the street in Clearlake, California, on July 2, 2015, in the middle of the afternoon. As paramedics were treating 40-year-old Galvin, a police officer asked him who had shot him.

“Um… a guy called Cyclops,” responded Galvin; a few hours later, he died in the hospital. A short time later, police arrested David Cox, who also went by the name Cyclops.

Cox admitted to police that he had argued with the victim that morning, which culminated in Galvin taking his cellphone and electronic tablet.

However, Cox vigorously denied any involvement with the murder. While being interrogated, he used water from a paper cup to write the name “Billy Mount.”

Suspicions turn to Billy Mount

Police initially arrested Cox, but then the investigation shifted to Billy Mount. A couple of witnesses came forward with evidence against him.

The first witness claimed that Mount told him he’d shot someone that day; however, this witness proved themselves unreliable when they later recounted their statement and said they were high on drugs.

Another witness came forward; Sean Whiteman told police he had offered Mount a lift in his truck in exchange for gas. Whiteman claimed that as they’d passed Galvin in the street, Mount had told him to pull over and then shot the victim. Whiteman also took investigators to a drain pipe where he allegedly showed them the murder weapon.

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Mount, who already had five outstanding warrants, was arrested and was charged with Galvin’s murder. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison, with an additional 45 years plus enhancements, because the crime involved a firearm and was related to gangland activities.

There was bad blood between Cox and Mount. Both men had ties to the Barbarian Brotherhood gang, and there is a theory that Mount did the shooting for Cox to appease him.

Mount’s lawyer has remained adamant that authorities have the wrong man. The lawyer believes that it was Cox in the truck with Whiteman, he thinks Cox pulled the trigger and was then protected by those with gang connections.

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The Murder Tapes airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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Betty Mount
Betty Mount
3 years ago

Look billy mount is my cousin and I can honestly say that he did not do this. My cousin is not the man they are portraying him to be if you have the last name mount in that area ur automatically a target for the cops

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