Murder of Stephanie Roller by her husband Dale Bruner features on ID’s A Killer Thanksgiving

Stephanie Roller family pic
Stephanie Roller was brutally beaten and murdered. Pic Credit: Family photo

Stephanie Roller was murdered in brutal fashion by a killer who proved to be very close to home indeed, this episode of A Killer Thanksgiving examines this case of jealously turned deadly.

Silverthorne, Colorado, and Mother of three Stephanie Roller Bruner was reported missing by her husband, Dale Bruner, just before Thanksgiving 2010. Just three days later her body was found in the Blue River and an examination quickly ascertained that she’d been murdered.

Stephanie and Dale
Dale and Stephanie had a seemingly perfect marriage, but she’d recently filed a restraining order against him. Pic Credit: Family photo

The autopsy revealed that Stephanie had been strangled so hard that the bones in her neck had broken, she’d also been beaten over the head. However, Stephanie was alive when she was thrown into the river, and had died from a combination of the beating, drowning and hypothermia.

Bruner’s story was that his wife had went for a walk right in the middle of a big blizzard and that she’d failed to return. Detectives were not convinced by Dale’s story and the fact he waited 11 hours to call the police seemed rather suspicious.

It soon became clear that the Bruner’s marriage was in trouble and that Stephanie was about divorce her photographer husband Dale. She’d grown very close to another man, having what amounted to an emotional affair with the married man. Stephanie had also taken a restraining order out against Dale, though she’d later allowed him back into the marital home that they shared with their three small children.

Stephanie missing poster
Local police appealed for information before her body was found. Pic Credit: Silverthorne police

This information gave the police three suspects in what the press dubbed ‘The Blue River Murder.’ The suspects were Stephanie’s husband Dale, the man she was having the affair with, physical therapist Ron Holthaus, and the Holthaus’s wife.

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Ron Holthaus plice photo
Ron Holthaus was the man that Stephanie was having an emotional affair with. Pic Credit: Colorado Bureau of Investigation

In 2011 detectives decided to arrest Dale and charge him with the first-degree murder of this wife. His trial took place in 2012 and in the fall he was found guilty of first-degree assault, second-degree murder and tampering with evidence. The 50-year-old was sentenced to 112 years in prison and required to serve at least 84 years before being eligible for parole.

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