Murder of Stacy Shoemaker by husband Dene Shoemaker examined on Murder in the Heartland

Mugshot of Dene Shoemaker
Dene Shoemaker eventually admitted to shooting his wife, Stacy Shoemaker. Pic credit: Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office

Murder in the Heartland is investigating the murder of Stacy Shoemaker, who was shot dead in her home in Wagoner, Oklahoma, by her own husband, Dene Shoemaker, after the pair started having problems with their marriage.

The body of 26-year-old Stacy was found in the bedroom of her home by her 7-year-old daughter, who had just returned from a visit to her grandparents on April 30, 2006.

The initial investigation indicated that Stacy was the victim of a home invasion. The back door had been broken, and husband Dene claimed that money and jewelry had been stolen.

Friends and family rushed to comfort Dene, who played the role of a grieving widower and a single parent. However, ten days after the murder, Dene finally confessed to shooting Stacy and lying about the stolen money.

Dene Shoemaker later told the cops that the pair had awoken early in the morning and had begun arguing. He said that Stacy told him she was “sick of the lies.” The would-be killer also claimed that his wife had a pistol but that he had managed to calm her down before leaving the scene.

Dene Shoemaker said he accidentally shot wife Stacy Shoemaker

Dene says he returned to the bedroom 45 minutes later and found Stacy pointing the gun at him. He claims there was a struggle, and the gun accidentally fired, hitting Stacy in the neck.

The killer said there was a lot of blood, but rather than call for help, he claimed he didn’t want her to suffer, so he put a pillow over her head and shot her a second time. He then staged the scene to look like a robbery.

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The police learned that the Shoemaker couple had begun having marital difficulties after the death of their son. Stacy had started a relationship with someone she had met online and had threatened to leave Dene.

Shoemaker pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to life in prison. At his sentencing, the killer told the court: “No amount of apology is sufficient for what I have done. I pray you can find it within your hearts to forgive me.”

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