Murder of Savopoulos family and housekeeper by Daron Wint examined in The DC Mansion Murders on ID

Mugshot of Daron Wint
Daron Wint was found guilty of killing the Savopoulos family and Veralicia Figueroa. Pic credit: Metropolitan Police Dept. of District of Colombia

The DC Mansion Murders on ID is investigating the crimes of Daron Wint, sometimes known as Darron Wint. He was convicted of torturing and killing three members of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa.

In a crime that shocked the nation, Wint invaded the home and butchered the family and Figueroa purely out of greed. He extorted money out of the family company, but despite their cooperation, he still murdered them.

On May 14, 2015, firefighters were called to the well-to-do Woodley Park area of DC after a blaze was reported in one of the neighborhood’s multi-million dollar homes. After dousing the flames, the firefighters made a particularly gruesome discovery.

They found the murdered bodies of four individuals. In one bedroom, they found ten-year-old Philip Savopoulos, and in another bedroom, they found his parents, Amy and Savvas Savopoulos, and the family’s housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa.

The three Savopoulos family members were pronounced dead at the scene, but Figueroa was still alive and was transported to a nearby hospital. But tragically, she too soon passed away.

Autopsies revealed that the victims had been tortured over a period of 24 hours. They were bound to chairs and beaten with a baseball bat, and eventually strangled to death.

Daron Wint was suspect No.1 in DC mansion murders

The police focused their attention on Daron Wint, an unemployed welder who had worked for the Savopoulos company. He was linked to the case after his DNA was found on a half-eaten pizza crust at the crime scene.

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When the cops checked up on Wint’s internet history, they found he’d made several incriminating searches; these included “how to beat a lie detector test,” “10 hideout cities for fugitives,” and “five countries with no U.S. extradition treaty.”

Once Wint heard he was a person of interest in the case, he fled to New York. However, he later returned to DC, where he was arrested. The police found a large quantity of $100 bills in his possession.

The cops concluded that Wint had entered the Savopoulos home on May 13 and had held the family hostage so he could extort money. Wint had demanded that Savvas withdraw $40,000 from his company’s bank account and have it delivered to the house.

Wint then killed his hostages and escaped in Amy’s Porsche, which he abandoned in the neighboring Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Wint was charged with murder, kidnapping, torture, and robbery. He denied the charges and tried to pin the crime on his younger brothers. However, after a lengthy trial, he was eventually found guilty and sentenced to four consecutive life sentences in prison.

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The DC Mansion Murders airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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