Murder of Sasha Samsudean: Killer was security guard Stephen Duxbury, who was supposed to protect her

Mugshot of Stephen Duxbury
Stephen Duxbury was a security guard at Sasha Samsudean’s apartment complex when he murdered the 27-year-old. Pic credit: Orlando Police Dept.

This week See No Evil investigates the case of Saha Samsudean, a young professional from Orlando who, after a night out with friends, was murdered in her apartment.

Her killer was Stephen Duxbury, a security guard at her apartment complex who was paid to protect her.

An intoxicated Sasha, 27, had returned home from partying just after midnight on October 17, 2015. When friends were unable to reach her later that day, they telephoned the police who performed a welfare check at her apartment.

Sasha Samsudean was found dead by police officers

The police found her dead on the bed, her clothes had been ripped and her larynx crushed. An autopsy revealed that she had died from strangulation.

Surveillance footage showed security guard Stephen Duxbury following Sahsa around her apartment complex on the night of the murder. Investigators also found his thumbprint on her toilet. He had abrasions on his arm, including one that looked like a bitemark. He also failed a polygraph test.

Evidence mounted up against Stephen Duxbury

His phone records showed a Google search for how to get around the keypad lock Sasha Samsudean had on her apartment door.

Duxbury had tried to throw investigators off the scent by concocting a story about a fictional man he saw pursuing Sasha, but the police weren’t fooled.

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It took a jury four hours to find Duxbury guilty of first-degree murder, which led to a life sentence. He was also convicted of attempted sexual battery with a deadly weapon or force and burglary with assault or battery. He received a 15-year prison sentence and a life sentence on the other two counts.

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