Murder of rookie cop Troy Barboza by Crips gang associate probed on Detective

This week’s episode of Detective on Investigation Discovery traces the murder of rookie cop Troy Barboza by a man believed to be an associate of the LA-based Crips gang.

The episode, called Murder in Paradise, shines a spotlight on the fascinating story behind the case, which centered around revenge and greed.

Barboza, 24, was killed with a shotgun at his home in Oahu, Hawaii, in October 1986 by a San Diego man who he was set to testify against in a case related to drugs.

Tony Williams, also 24, was convicted after an eight-day trial in July 1987 and later sentenced to life without parole.

Barboza had bought cocaine from Williams while posing undercover. He was shot while Williams — and another San Diego man with whom he was allegedly friends with in high school, Alexander M. McAllister, 25 — were out on bail.

McAllister got 20 years in prison on a drug charge and later testified against Williams at the trial over the murder of Barboza.

Police said evidence suggested Williams was an associate of members of the Los Angeles-based Crips gang.

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Police in San Diego and Honolulu reportedly cooperated in Williams’ case. Williams is currently incarcerated in a state facility in New Mexico, according to the My Life of Crime blog.

Detective airs Fridays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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