The murder of Rebecca Claybrook has a long list of suspects: The Interrogator investigates them all

Crime scene tape
Rebecca Claybrook was murdered in bloody fashion, but who out of the long list of suspects committed the crime? Pic Credit: Stock/Monsters and Critics

Rebecca Claybrook was discovered dead on the floor of her kitchen in a pool of blood. She had been murdered on Easter Sunday morning in April 2009 in Houston, Texas.

Claybrook, 55, was discovered by a teenage neighbor, who encountered a particularly bloody scene. With the kitchen covered in blood splatter, Rebecca was found naked and lying on her back.

The lack of forced entry into the house led officers to suspect that Rebecca knew her attacker. There were several numbers on Rebecca’s cellphone that could be linked with potential suspects. Her friend Gina helped police pinpoint the identities of two of the men on the phone. She was also able to explain their relationship to the victim.

One of the numbers found on Rebecca’s cellphone came under the name “Hunk of Love;” Police found it referred to neighbor Roy Alvarez. The two had been having an affair; however, he was exonerated by DNA evidence.

The next number belonged to Bob Dray. Gina was able to tell police that Dray and Rebecca had an intense relationship that Rebecca had ended just 2 weeks before she was killed.

Under interrogation, Dray claimed to have had sex with Rebecca just 2 nights before her death. DNA evidence pointed to Dray, but police were unable to tell if his DNA was from the night of the murder or from 2 nights earlier.

Police got a breakthrough when they discovered a neighbor was chased by an unknown male individual the night of Rebecca’s murder. This neighbor testified that when the man stopped chasing her, he went towards Rebecca’s home instead. The neighbor’s description of this man did not match Bob Dray.

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A car found in the neighborhood led police in the direction of Adam Diaz. Police discovered that Diaz was partying in the area on the night of the murder. Police also learned that he has a history of violence towards women. His girlfriend then claims he came home covered in blood that night.

Diaz’s girlfriend informed the police that they were acquainted with Rebecca. A neighbor’s surveillance footage, coupled with the description of the other neighbor who was chased, matched Diaz. Under interrogation, Diaz cracked and confessed to attacking Rebecca.

Adam Diaz was given a maximum sentence of 50 years

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3 years ago

Adam Diaz is my brother is that know him don’t believe he did the crime only the Lord and the person who did know the truth . Love you Adam Diaz hopefully one day get to see you as a free man

2 years ago

He was sentenced to a life sentence. Not 50 years.

Elena R.
Elena R.
1 month ago

Such a sad and brutal story. He admitted the crime. At least there was some justice. I can not begin to imagine the suffering this lady suffered at this man’s hands.

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