Murder of Rachel Siani by John Denofa profiled on Homicide City

Mugshot of John Denofa
John Denofa was sentenced to 30years to life for the murder of Rachel Siani. Pic credit: NJ Dept of Corrections

Homicide City is investigating the March 2000 murder of Rachel Siani at the hands of John Denofa.

Rachel was working at a strip club in Bucks County, Pennslyvania, when she was murdered by her client Denofa, who threw her off a New Jersey bridge. She had been a full-time college student who was working part-time as a stripper to fund her tuition.

The 21-year-old exotic dancer, whose stage name was Foxy Roxy, was discovered on a secluded strip of land in New Jersey’s Burlington County. Her battered remains were found fully clothed, lying under a New Jersey turnpike bridge close to the Delaware River.

Rachel’s blood was discovered on the bridge above, leading investigators to conclude that she had been killed by the 112 ft fall from above. At first, the police wondered if she had committed suicide; however, their suspicions soon focused on murder.

John Denofa was a regular at the Divas Gentlemen’s Club in Bristol, PA, and he often spent the night at a nearby motel rather than head home. His wife seems to have been accepting of his lifestyle, and she often dropped him off and collected him the following morning. Sometimes she even had breakfast with Denofa and the dancers.

Rachel Siana last seen alive with John Denofa

The police became suspicious of Denofa when they realized he was the last person to see Rachel alive in the early hours of March 29, 2000. The pair were spotted chatting outside the Diva strip club.

Detectives concluded that Rachel had gone back to Denofra’s motel room where they had smoked some marijuana. There was a violent altercation in the room at some point, and Rachel ended up being thrown from the motel window onto the back of Denofra’s pick-up truck, a drop of 12 ft.

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Denofa’s truck was spotted in grainy surveillance footage crossing over the border into New Jersey with a woman lying on the back. The truck was later recorded returning to PA, this time without Rachel lying in the back.

The police believe that Rachel was still alive when they reached the turnpike over the Delaware River; however, she was killed when Denofa pushed her over the edge.

Denofa has long maintained his innocence. He admits to smoking marijuana with Rachel in his motel room but denies killing her. He claims he was framed.

Unfortunately for Denofa, a jury didn’t believe his lies, and he was sentenced to 30 years to life in a New Jersey courtroom. He has lodged numerous appeals, but he currently remains in prison and is next up for parole in 2032.

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