Murder of police officer Douglas Overstreet by his wife Candace Overstreet spotlighted on The Real Murders of Atlanta

Mugshot of Candace Overstreet
Candace Overstreet pictured shortly before her parole after killing her husband 30 years ago. Pic credit: GA Dept. of Corrections

The Real Murders of Atlanta is investigating the murder of Detective Lt. Douglas Overstreet, who was gunned down by his own wife, Candace Overstreet, at their home in Jonesboro, Georgia.

In 1994, Douglas was a 37-year-old detective with the Atlanta Police Department and had racked up 15 years on the force. On September 25, his wife of 11 years, Candace, shot him 14 times with two of his own guns.

Candace and her daughter from a previous marriage then loaded Douglas’s body into a van and drove to Lake Strom Thurmond, just over the state border in South Carolina. They dumped the naked body into the lake.

The police believe the pair disposed of the firearms on the drive back to Jonesboro and set about cleaning up the crime scene in the master bedroom of their home.

Douglas’s body was recovered from the lake three days later by a maintenance worker.

The investigators initially feared Douglas had been the victim of a gangland hit, but they soon became suspicious of Candace. The killer handed over her husband’s police badge, which just made the detectives question why a fellow officer would ever leave the house without their badge.

The evidence mounted up against Candace Overstreet for Douglas Overstreet murder

Candace had also waited three days to report Douglas missing. Later, Clayton County Police Chief Ronnie Clackum told the press, “Usually most wives would be on the phone reporting that their husbands are missing that night, or at least by sunrise the next day.”

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The detectives searched the master bedroom and discovered that all of Douglas’s belongings had been removed. Then the officers realized the carpet had been changed in the room, and they found dried blood underneath.

The cops later found bullet holes in the bedroom and yet more blood in the family van.

Candace was arrested and charged with murder. The cops had a major breakthrough when the killer’s daughter agreed to testify against her mother. The daughter was granted immunity from any charges.

Candace Overstreet confessed to voluntary manslaughter in Douglas Overstreet killing

Eventually, Candace struck a deal with the prosecution and agreed to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and lying to the police. She was sentenced to a maximum of 40 years.

Candace was released on parole in December 2022.

The cops never established the motive for the murder, but the couple had been experiencing a rocky relationship. It is thought the murder stemmed from a recent argument.

The Real Murders of Atlanta airs Friday at 9/8c on Oxygen.

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